The Madame

The Madam is forced to narrate the story of each of her girls as soon as she is kidnapped for that matter by dangerous mafia capo Alejandro Puerta in his ranch. Rosario is turned into a Scherezada whose life depends on the stories she narrates. With pictures in his hand, the customer starts asking the information he is interested in with specific details, and Madame has no choice but to stick to reality narrating facts and events, sensing that this sanguinary man wants to take revenge and his victim could be one of her girls or even herself. Day after day, Madam reveals the intimacy of a pimp and his crew. At the same time, Madam is discovering Puerta´s secret intentions and the real human being he hides behind his cold mask, giving birth to an intense love story.


If people were asked to name the one thing money can’t buy, the most common answer would be LOVE…There is nothing in the world more precious and stronger than love. For Azra and Kerem, love is  all they have. They are infatuated with each other. They met in a Sports Academy and have been together ever since. Azra can barely support her family and Kerem has been out of work for a while. The only thing that is going right in their lives is love. But without money, will love be enough for them? All of the sudden, Şebnem enters their lives and this marks the beginning of crucial events and changes. Şebnem is one of Azra’s rich students and she has a deadly illness which causes her to faint during the course. She has everything a person is looking for- except love. She doesn’t want to die without experiencing true love. She pours her heart out to Azra. Soon Azra realizes that she hopes to save her and her love for Kerem. She is an angel and a devil, a friend and an enemy to Şebnem. Will Azra and Kerem sacrifice their love to save their lives from the destruction of poverty? Will they put their love at risk? Azra and Kerem, only had love once upon a time. Will their love be plunged into darkness? Will they ever be able to smile again?

Miss Dynamite

Glamour and dynamite will be the two sides of a single coin. One of them is that of a fantasy, in which a beauty queen will fall in love with a hitman without knowing so. And the other side is that of a nightmare when this hitman will try to leave the criminal life for love, wrapped up in an all-out war between two powerful drug cartels.

Valentina is not the same person ever since her father died. She still wants to be a photojournalist and continues studying Social Communication, she keeps living in the same luxury house with Ivonne, her mother, and is still infuriated with Vicente, her friend and professor, because he always puts his job as a journalist on top of everything and doesn´t dare to win her heart. However, her biggest problem is no longer that her mother keeps insisting her to become a model and beauty queen. Now, she has a fixed idea in her mind: the desire for taking revenge against the hitman who killed her father, Octavio. Valentina doesn´t know yet that what really put her life into a hard spot is that her father showed himself as a prestigious business man when he was in fact the right hand of Don Elías, drug lord of the “Cordillera” cartel.

Although Valentina doesn´t have much information so far, there is a detail on the murderer that disturbs her and she never forgets: a deceitful smile embellished with a golden tooth. She wants to pay this man back more than anything else in the world, but she is not a bad person and she doesn´t even know how to start planning her revenge.

Perhaps the only good thing that happens to her is meeting Miguel, better known in the underworld as M8. His facade is that of an authorized car dealer’s manager, and she feels attracted to him ignoring he is the hitmen’s boss of the “Cordillera” cartel and don Elías’ godson, the boss of the bosses.

Direct Flight

Two Continents. Four friends. Life at 900 km/h.The contrast between the warm tones of Luanda and the frenzy of Lisbon, professional demands and the most intimate and sincere feminine thoughts, the never-ending war between the head and the heart. These are just some of the ingredients of this series.

Patrícia, Joana, Marta and Rute are four best friends – flight attendants who share a deep friendship between Portugal and Luanda. Reaching the age of 30 brings new worries: marriage, motherhood and professional life. These women will question the way they had thought about their lives and the men in their lives.