About Us

PASSION is a AfricaXP’s premium series channel carrying top rated international drama series produced in Europe, Latin America, Turkey, India, Africa and the Far East. Series vary in length from 20 to 250 episodes with diverse themes all exploring the different facets and power of human PASSION. From crime and action to drama, romance and betrayal , in modern settings and spectacular historical period pieces alike, each series PASSION highlights the human condition and asks questions like: “How far will we go?”,  “How much is enough?” and “What happens when we lose control?” The geographical variety of content origin and diverse stories lines and styles present a broad discerning audience with a dynamic range of riveting and addictive entertainment. PASSION is as frightening as it is intoxicating.

PASSION launched on the KweseTV platform in Sub-Saharan Africa on 30th January 2017.